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About Animal Communication

I have loved animals all of my life. Being able to connect with them is a joy. When I first started connecting with animals I was astonished by how much they want to communicate!

One day I was sitting at my desk and a horse came to me energetically and nudged me on my shoulder. He wouldn't go away! I had no idea who he belonged to so I reached out to a few friends with horses and described him. It turned out that he had to go through cancer treatments and he had some thoughts about the process.

They communicate much like anyone else. They will show me images of what is happening or has happened and share the emotion as well.

Reiki is a wonderful tool to use when there is a health or attitude issue. I look for an energetic snafu and balance chakras. I have read dogs, cats, horses, Scottish Highland cows, guinea pigs and macaws.

Whether they are living or in spirit I connect with them on a heart to heart souls to soul level and see what they have to say.


Most of my sessions are done via zoom but I also offer in person sessions in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Coming Soon!

Doggie Zen Bootcamp!

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