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About Marie

Marie Hamm and Wyatt Santa Fe

I am a Psychic, Medium, Animal Communicator, and Soul Intuitive. My mission is to help allow ease and aid healing by giving clear insight into what concerns you through communicating with those on the other side of the thin veil and my soul insight. Animals who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge love to come through and often have meaningful messages to share.

My awareness started early, in Junior High I remember having my first precognitive dream. It was like watching a movie and then seeing it play out the next day! Learning Transcendental Meditation while in High School was transformational for me. Prior to that, I got a lot of information in dreams, I was already aware of the presence of beings/energy. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to do with it all.

Luckily, while still in high school, I found a wonderful meditation group and during that time learned how to do Past Life Regressions, fine tune and understand my intuition, and more. Then I went on to find a Psychic Practice Group, soon after that I was drawn to Tarot cards. I also discovered Edgar Cayce, Louise Hay, and a place called Cassadaga in Florida where I had my first reading with a psychic. When it comes to Animal Communication, I’ve always had an affinity for animals, connecting with them comes naturally to me and I am amazed at how communicative they can be. I’ve even had them come find me (energetically) to talk to their people for them!

Meditation helped to give me focus and get into what I call the Om Zone. When I give a Reading I connect with a higher vibration and that connects me to my Om Zone. It is the connection to Source/Love/God/Light. The feeling is amazing.

My work gives me joy. My hope is that by connecting you with loved ones be they four-legged or two, helps with healing and answers or direction you may need.

Most of my sessions are done via zoom but I also offer in person sessions in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Ellen C.

Marie was accurate and easy to talk with....most importantly, she focused on how to incorporate positive changes into my life and to recognize how to help myself and my family.

A session with Marie is like putting on a pair of psychic glasses....she helps you to see, and to focus on, what is right in front of you; things that have been too blurry to recognize or navigate become much more clear.

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