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About Soul Readings

Throughout the years I have found that during readings of any kind, information regarding your Ancestral Karma and Lineage often comes through. I do these sessions with the intention of an overall look at what is happening with you now, what happened in the past including past lives, and what may happen in the future. These sessions give optimal information on your purpose here in this lifetime and the best way to meet your goals. I also conduct energetic body scans to look for any health issues that may be present or upcoming.

Have you felt blocked or that you are tripping over the same type of happenings? If you have a feeling that there is Karma you must learn about and clear, you need a Soul Reading.

The word karma is Sanskrit and means “act” or “deed.” The way most people understand it is it means any action that brings you good or bad results, either in this lifetime or in a reincarnation. But it does not have to be your destiny. 

Ancestral Karma means the physical, emotional, behavioral, and mental traits and characteristics, that you have inherited from your ancestors and carry in your physical and energetic DNA.

Ancestral karma is not necessarily written in stone. It can be modified and healed when you take intentional action to balance and ease the energy. Healing not only heals this lifetime but those going forward as well as your lineage.

Most of my sessions are done via zoom but I also offer in person sessions in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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