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About Psychic Mediumship

Our souls resonate and live on after our material bodies stop working. Our loved ones, guides, teachers, and the odd relative are still within our reach. My work connects you with those in spirit. They often have messages which can soothe your heart, ease your soul, and guide you on your path.

If you are in need  of help/guidance with specific matters or are you feeling kind of stuck I tune into your energy and the energy patterns around you as well as your guides and angels to provide you with the information you need.

When I do a reading whether it is in person or online I key into your energy. Most of the time there is already a spirit or guide on hand to direct things. If you have a specific question it is great to ask me directly. I connect in quicker. I am very visual so I will describe what I am seeing and the feeling that goes along with the moment.

Having what I call a Hybrid Psychic, Mediumship Reading helps identify blocks and possible speed bumps that may arise. It also lets you know of the fun things!

My Readings are done withe love and acceptance of you and your journey.

Most of my sessions are done via zoom but I also offer in person sessions in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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