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As a wise veterinarian once told me “Dogs are like people. They are all wired differently.” 

This concept of energetic/chakra balance and training has been developed from years of doing communication and energetic work with animals with the added blend of loving, intentional and consistent training.

I work to balance a dog’s chakras as well as read their energy and see what is happening with them as I do in Animal Communication sessions. This work is blended with basic training techniques that help anchor in the energy work and help your dog in all aspects of their life.

 It is offered via Zoom and also offered in person in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dog gamboling in the snow

Doggie Zen Readings

Do dogs and cats have past lives? Do people come back as animals? Do animals come back as people? The answer is yes.

The way I see past lives for animals is often like layered slides or transparencies.  Sometimes it is one or two lives, sometimes more.

Have you ever felt one of your pets who have transitioned come to see you? They do!

Pets who have transitioned can also help you find the right new pet or help one who is passing make the transition.

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